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Our standards are cradle-to-cradle. A term used in the environmental sector that means it comes from the earth and goes back into the earth.

We have zero-waste options for all products. In the near future all of our products, even liquid based will be in our compostable bottles that are currently in development. Zero waste packaging is plastic-free, fully compostable and derived from recycled or sustainable new growth sources.

Tube Packaging

These tubes currently holding Deodorant and Lip Balm are made 100% of rolled, tucked and fitted recycled paper. We’ve made several advancements from original designs that allows for easier use for you and easier filling of product for us. We’re currently experimenting with hemp and bamboo paper options to maintain sustainability into the future.

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Bar Packaging

Our bars are packaged in either tissue and string or a recycled-paper box. Certain bars such as conditioning bars need structural support and protection during shipping because of the soft butters and oils used.


100% bamboo handles and, unlike most bamboo toothbrushes on the market with nylon bristles, our bristles are 100% bamboo as well. Brush consciously and know you can throw it in the compost when you're done.

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Organic loofahs are made from a loofah gourd - think similar to a zucchini. It’s picked, peeled, cut and dried and there you go... your spongy organic skin exfoliator.