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[VIP] Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer w. Free Soap & Free Sanitizer
[VIP] Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer w. Free Soap & Free Sanitizer
[VIP] Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer w. Free Soap & Free Sanitizer

[VIP] Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer w. Free Soap & Free Sanitizer


12 Pack: FREE detergent-based sanitizing soap bar ($13 value). And save 15% to stock up. 3 month supply.

18 Pack: FREE detergent-based sanitizing soap bar + a FREE sanitizer pack ($25 value). And save 25% to stock up. 6 month supply.

Your support helps us continue to donate to hospitals and first responders across North America.

This is a no-rinse, antiseptic gel hand san. formulated to kill germs on contact and stop the spread of germs.

You will receive one glass dispensing bottle, and 4.25oz pouch bag refills. The glass bottle cap is plastic but high quality reusable bottles. (More info below on global shortage of bottles and our dedication to plastic-free). 

ALL shipping materials and supplies are plastic-free and zero-waste. 

As low as $4 per large 4.25oz pouch when ordering pack sizes. (More info below on global shortage and higher cost of ingredients and what we've done to bring you normal prices.) 

If you're stocking up on supplies, a 12 pack or 18 pack is recommended so you don't have to order again. This is best to keep a low carbon footprint with shipping. 

- Anti-Bacterial

- Kills 99.99% of Illness Causing Germs 

- Fortified with Aloe to Moisturize Skin

- Supplied to Hospitals & First Responders

- All materials including packaging and ingredients are manufactured and bottled in North America

- Available in Regular 70% alcohol


Shipping: Fast 1-3 day shipping. Speed may vary slightly due to COVID-19. 

Product Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Aloe Vera Extract Liquid, Vitamin E, Lemon Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil, Sunflower Oil, Triethanolamine, Carbomer.

Alcohol Content: 70%

Size Chart:

*4oz per bottle/pouch + every order gets a free 2oz dispensing bottle*

6 pack = six 4oz units = 24oz total = 1 month supply

12 pack = 48oz total = 2 month supply (+ free gift)

18 pack = 72oz total = 4 month or family supply (+ free gift)


Important Details

Price Details: This product is in high demand during a time of need, and we are doing everything we can to help our communities stay safe and healthy at regular prices. The cost of ingredients and bottles have doubled or tripled in the last 2 weeks.

I have seen prices online as high as $5 per ounce. We are not doing this for profit, but we do need some margin to pay for our facility and our employees to live. Our prices are $1.10-$2.00 per ounce, which is a regular price for handmade product, by fair wage employees, with all North American ingredients and packaging.

Your purchase helps us continue to provide hospitals and first responders.

Bottle Shortage Details: There are large shortages of bottles, and all vessel types and cap types in North America due to COVID. We have done everything we can to create this sanitizing solution for you with as minimal environmental impact as possible.

We chose these high quality glass bottles that we hope you like enough to reuse around the house, and reuse for your hand sanitizer needs.

*Bottles and pouches may be different than the photos* due to the global shortage. You will get what is available, but will 100% receive the amount that you've ordered or more for free.

We think that your health and safety come first, above packaging types. All shipping materials are compostable and plastic free. 


Our Promise

These are being shipped and fulfilled by us, the business owners, and we are not leaving our facility until your order is shipped. It is our promise to you.

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[VIP] Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer w. Free Soap & Free Sanitizer

[VIP] Medical Grade Hand Sanitizer w. Free Soap & Free Sanitizer