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Natural Loofah Body Scrub



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An all-natural loofah cultivated from the sisal plant itself, this little baby is sourced sustainably and ethically from small farms. 

It's completely organic and is naturally firm when dry, but after your new little friend Loofah soaks up in your shower or tub it will give you a soft and exfoliating scrub.

Loofahs have been praised in many cultures around the world, centuries-old, as a bathing necessity and keeping your skin in its most clean and fresh state.

Fun fact for you: Even though our top layer of skin cells only last a couple of weeks, we have a constant regenerative cycle. We're basically shedding all the time, so scrub those old cells off and let your new ones breathe!

Important Note: We are currently going through a rebrand and the products that you will receive may look different than the photos.


  • SIZE: 10 grams
  • SUPPLY: 1-2 months for optimal hygiene 
  • SHELF LIFE: Years
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Natural Loofah Body Scrub

Natural Loofah Body Scrub