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[Rockwell VIP] Medical Grade 4oz Hand San. w. Free Gift
[Rockwell VIP] Medical Grade 4oz Hand San. w. Free Gift
[Rockwell VIP] Medical Grade 4oz Hand San. w. Free Gift

[Rockwell VIP] Medical Grade 4oz Hand San. w. Free Gift



We're opening up our own manufacturing location on Jun 01! By ordering now you're helping us change the world. All prices are 35% lower + get bonus gifts until Jun 01. Orders will ship out between now and Jun 01, with 2 weekly email updates.

Upgrade to a 6 pack or 12 pack and get a FREE detergent-based sanitizing soap bar of $13 value. And save 20%.

This is a no-rinse, antiseptic, hand san. formulated to kill germs on contact and stop the spread of germs.

You will receive 4oz pouches of san. + a free spray or squirt bottle with your order. If you need additional spray bottles, please make your order and then email us and let us know.

As low as $7 per large 4oz bottle when ordering pack sizes. If you're stocking up on supplies, a 6 pack or 12 pack is recommended.

- Medical Grade

- Anti-Bacterial

- Kills 99.99% of Illness Causing Germs 

- Fortified with Aloe to Moisturize Skin

- All materials including packaging and ingredients are manufactured and bottled in North America

- Available in Regular 70% alcohol, and Extra Strength 95% alcohol

Availability: 5000 units in stock, and made to order. 

Shipping: ASAP, but please allow an estimated 1-7 days given the high volume of orders. It will ship as fast as we possibly can. 

Product Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Aloe Vera Extract Liquid, Lemon Essential Oil, Sweet Orange Essential Oil. 

Alcohol Content: Choose 70% or 95%, your preference. 

Size Chart:

*4oz per bottle*

3 pack = three 4oz units = 12oz total = 1 month supply

6 pack = 24oz total = 2 month supply

12 pack = 48oz total = 3 month supply

FREE Gift: Your free sanitizing soap bar is 3x more powerful than traditional soap and lasts 3x as long. It is detergent-based for sanitizing power. It derives from a shampoo bar, so is great for hair, body, hands, and face. The perfect multi-use bar to stock up on and stay safe. 

Important Details: This product is in high demand during a time of need, and we are doing everything we can to help our communities stay safe and healthy. There are large shortages of bottle types and bottle cap types in North America, so please note that your order may look different than appears in the images. We are dedicated to getting your orders out. These are being shipped and fulfilled by us, the business owners, and we are not leaving our facility until your order is shipped. It is our promise to you.

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[Rockwell VIP] Medical Grade 4oz Hand San. w. Free Gift

[Rockwell VIP] Medical Grade 4oz Hand San. w. Free Gift