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Habitat Botanicals Deodorant is a food-grade natural product.

This entire package is made with recycled paper and is fully compostable and environmentally friendly – from packaging to naturally biodegradable ocean friendly formulas.

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100% Biodegradable (safe in rivers, lakes and oceans), Compostable/Eco-Friendly Packaging, Food-Grade, Cruelty Free, Vegan, Palm Oil Free, Sulfate Free, Silicon Free, Dye Free, Paraben Free, Aluminum Free, No Foaming Agents, Gluten Free Friendly, Soy Free (Curious about something else? Email us, we're friendly and dedicated!)

It's our belief that if you can't eat it you shouldn't put it on your skin!

AND... this stuff really works.

I guarantee you won't regret it! Read below...

"I was amazed. Now tmi, but I'm a very sweaty person and I've always written off all natural deodorants assuming they would not work for me. But by God this deodorant works like magic!!! I apply it in the morning and then again if I'm going to work out and I don't smell and I hardly sweat! It's a miracle! I will be 100% recommending these products and giving them as gifts this holiday season! (Plus the hand written note inside made me so happy!)" - Kaylyn Butorac,

"I received their deodorant and immediately fell in love! I have super sensitive armpits and usually can't handle baking soda in a deodorant, but I've been using this for about a month consistently now and have had no reaction. This stuff works better than my previously trusty Native deodorant, and I very, very rarely have to apply more than once a day. Quite probably a customer for life!" - Sarah,

"I'm extremely sensitive to baking soda in natural deodorants and was shocked when this stuff didn't give me any sort of irritation. It's the best natural deodorant I've tried (love it over Schmidt and Native)" - @wildflowernink, Instagram

This all-natural deodorant is packaged in a specially designed push tube and along with its natural ingredients is completely compostable. Including shipping materials. This is a zero-waste product.

Important Note: We are currently going through a rebrand and the products that you will receive may look different than the photos.