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We have zero-waste options for every product but many people still want liquid-based products that have become a Western culture tradition. Here’s our solutions, current and future.

Currently there are no real compostable solutions to holding liquids, so we created zero-waste options in solid bar format. For sake of demand traditional liquid formats are still needed. We chose spout bags as our temporary liquid packaging... 

Spout bags are 90% less plastic than a bottle. They are lighter and more malleable so we can fit more into less space, reducing carbon footprint and logistics cost. They also happen to be a fraction of the cost, which we can then pass on to our incredible customers.

With our standards and culture of never ending improvement, we’re developing a compostable bottle similar to our tube packaging but it will look like a bottle and have the ability to hold liquids. This will be quite an accomplishment for our industry and many others alike. We’re currently on our second draft prototype.