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We created Natural Vegan to set new standards. Standards for our own health, environment and experience.

We believe in toxin-free food-grade products because our skin is our largest organ. We believe in our individual and company wide environmental impact and using packaging and methods as friendly as humanly possible.

We also believe in friendliness, fulfillment and the human experience — from opening your first package to chatting with our team. We want to meet like-minded people, continually feel a sense of community and deliver every product like it's a gift.

Natural Vegan was formed out of friendship and like-mindedness in late 2017 when Jaymie and Hannah, old high school friends, reconnected. Jaymie had started several businesses and Hannah was producing her own food-grade body care products. The joint interest and contrasting experience morphed into Natural Vegan.

The first year and a half was strictly product development. It proved very difficult to encompass all of the founders values into the products and apparent why no other company had achieved their standards and definition of natural. Jaymie and Hannah developed a system of never ending improvements and testing. Currently they have the world’s first fully compostable bottle in the works.

Natural Vegan was started in Vancouver, Canada and quickly established a second production and fulfillment facility in Macomb, Michigan partnering with the DeCaro family. The DeCaro’s and their manufacturing centre quickly became an integral part of our team as they worked hard to adopt the filling of our unorthodox packaging. Products are currently being produced, much of which by hand, and shipped from both locations with above average wages.

Natural Vegan is on its way to producing the only fully compostable bottle for use in the cosmetics industry as well as patented options for all industries in efforts to reduce plastic waste. In the near future we will have 100% compostable packaging for every product, an expanded line and be offering our solutions in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia.