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 (*note the products have been rebranded to Habitat Botanicals. Bars and other products are new, longer lasting, more effective and may look different than these images)

This is your VIP Bundle! A limited time item exclusively for the Eco Conscious Community.

First we needed to make sure you're "one of us"...

That you support what we stand for:

Your environment, reducing footprint, plastic free life, personal health, and high quality products.

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And importantly, you don't just talk about it.

You take action on it (you found your way here didn't you...)

I honestly really respect that. I'm the same way.

That's why we created this VIP only offer...

This offer is the real deal for people like us.

It's what gives you the real impact and real savings.

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Because there's strength in numbers.

It's the way we work together to achieve impact that other companies and individuals can't.


Shipping times are currently 2-3 days.

What's in the bundle? This bundle includes...

1x Deodorant (Choose your scent)

1x Aloe Shampoo Bar

1x Aloe Conditioner Bar

1x Tea Tree Body Wash Bar

1x Cocoa Vanilla Lip Balm

1x Bamboo Toothbrush

1x Charcoal Infused Konjac Loofah

1x Your free gift choice!

8 items total.


If you want to have that high impact on:


> Reducing your carbon footprint

> Saving big $ on your personal bills

> Getting FREE gifts of up to $40 value

> Helping friends and family go zero waste too

> Removing toxins for a vibrant healthy body and home

> AND... of course removing plastic from the ecosystem

Then join us, the other VIP's and the 1% that really give it their all.

It's the original offer that was meant for you.

So since you got here (you did) then this is yours....

Limited Time Bonus

Choose from 3 FREE gifts below up to $40 value. 100% free:

1. Extra Shampoo Bar

2. Extra Deodorant to keep you fresh for months!

3. Shaving Kit (razor, blade pack, and case, all plastic-free)

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You can checkout reviews below from customers.

I guarantee you won't regret it.

Your savings today add up to about one hundred dollars.

The equivalent of getting 2 bundles for free.

Plus a $40 value free item to make you the ultimate eco hero!

Here's what you get:

*What your bundle includes and ingredients are below, click on the product and the tab will expand to show you the ingredients.

You Get:

> 100% No Questions Asked Guarantee

> Your choice of FREE gift package valued up to $40

The Most Natural Products Available:


100% Biodegradable (safe in rivers, lakes and oceans), Compostable/Eco-Friendly Packaging, Food-Grade*, Cruelty Free, Vegan, Palm Oil Free, Sulfate Free, Silicon Free, Dye Free, Paraben Free, Aluminum Free, No Foaming Agents, Gluten Free Friendly, Soy Free (Curious about something else? Email us, we're friendly and dedicated!)

Quality Products & Service:

"Amazing company and great products! I love what this company stands for, and the quality of their products! They also have amazing customer service that was very helpful! Will definitely be purchasing more products!" - Grace Metilly, Verified Customer, Reviews.io

MASSIVE Impact With One Click!

1. You will save 350 gallons of toxic synthetic chemicals form entering your body and draining into your water supply.

2. You will help stop 6 million plastic containers from entering the ocean each year.

3. You will help stop 30 million animals from suffering from animal testing. 

Make the switch today!

Important Note: We are currently going through a rebrand and the products that you will receive may look different than the photos but EVERYTHING is better and improved!

Your Bundle Includes The Things Mentioned Above Plus: (click item to see ingredients)