Plastic Packaging - How Long Does It Last?

Plastic is probably one of the greatest inventions ever. From cars to rockets to food (yes, you read the last one right), plastic is everywhere around us.

Sadly, it’s also one of the greatest threat’s planet earth has ever faced.

Plastic Packaging – The Sad Truth

As innocent as plastic packaging looks, it has devastating consequences. Considering the fact that it can take between 10-1,000 years for plastic to decompose, those consequences will ripple through many generations to come. According to a National Geographic report, only 9% of plastic gets recycled. What that means is that a whopping 91% of all the plastic we use ends up polluting the environment. In recent years, the oceans have been the worst affected.

Here are some of the effects of plastic you need to know:

Rapid Decline in Marine Life Population

100 million marine animals are killed by plastic each year. If the use of plastic goes unchecked, we’ll end up losing all the animals in the ocean in a few years.

Injury and Death of Terrestrial Animals

While much is said about the harm of plastic to marine life, little is said about its impact on wild and domestic animals on land. If anything, videos of animals entangled in one form of plastic or the other have become a common form of entertainment. Be assured, the after-effects of that encounter are not at all a laughing matter for that animal as it usually ends up being injured, or worse still, dying.

Human Poisoning

Plastic enters our system through the food we eat, either as a direct result of manufacturing processes or by consuming foods (plant and animal-based) that have ingested biodegraded plastic. The consequences of this indirect plastic ingestion on humans are still to be figured out.

Is There a Solution to the Plastic Plague?

So how long does plastic last?

Long enough to cause lasting damage to our environment.

In all honesty, it’s impossible to stop using plastic altogether. In its various forms, plastic has become the glue of modern consumerism. Versatility, strength, and ease of manufacturing are just but a few of the reasons why plastic plays a leading role in modern life.

Our fight against the damaging effects of plastic can only be won by getting sustainable eco-friendly alternatives. For instance, using biodegradable plastics and other types of packaging instead of plastic packaging can go a long way in saving our beautiful planet. 

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