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by Natural Vegan Team •

Personal Backstories of the Founders of Natural Vegan

MENU SHOP BOXES BUILD MY BOX ABOUT HOME CONTACT SHOP NOW Personal Backstories of the Founders of Natural Vegan We did up a little video explaining their backstories, career changes, where they come from, and their beliefs and aspirations. As usual… watch the video! We make them so it’s easier for you. But if you’d rather, here’s a brief text format... Jaymie aspires to make massive positive impact through business and community projects. He has started 5 businesses since the age of 13 and scaled multi-million dollar companies in the software industry. But his true interest is in purpose-driven businesses, health, sustainability & innovative products. So he sold his home, past businesses, & left his job to start Natural Vegan. 10% OFF our entire store with coupon code "10NV" at checkout. FREE SHIPPING. SHOP BOXES BUILD MY OWN One of Jaymie’s strong beliefs is that those intelligent enough to see the problem—to see something that is not right and needs to be changed, have the responsibility to make that change.  His hobby projects include developing his off-grid community that will be an educational hub for sustainable living. He is proud of his native american background and one of his daily routines is to maintain a connection with nature. He seems most in his element when brainstorming new ideas and definitely most energized when speaking to a crowd. And Jaymie is absolutely certain Natural Vegan will be the largest body care brand in the conscious consumer market within the next decade. YOUR EXCLUSIVEONE TIME OFFER! 10-20% OFF! Compostable, Toxin-Free, Zero-waste Products Ends in 00 D 00 H 00 M 00 S Choose a default box OR build your own! SHOP NOW Social Link Social Link Email Us 24hrs: Contact Us Terms And Conditions Privacy Policy © Copyrights. All right reserved. :|zpendofcontent|: